Slim and beautifully!

The new silhouette in a few weeks. Without the yo-yo.

The only such product on the market - a dietary supplement AcaiBerry900 is a unique combination of unusual berry from the Amazon jungle with green tea, and fiber. Just one container to notice the difference, and in the mirror to see a slim figure - without sacrifices!

AcaiBerry900 works on everyone, regardless of age, gender, lifestyle. You do not believe me? Read the opinions of those who have already dropped kilos!

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What can AcaiBerry900?

Acai berry, often called the Amazon gold is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, polyphenols. It was her dietary supplement AcaiBerry900 owes its unique action.

Losing weight without dieting

you no longer have to apply draconian and debilitating diet to lose weight.

A beautiful silhouette without exercise

AcaiBerry900 enough pills to to look slim and attractive.

Lots of energy

acai berry increases performance, endurance and reduce muscle fatigue.

customer reviews

Alexandra 34 Liverpool

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Have been using for themselves unless all diets, I approached several times to fasting and I even managed to lose quite a few kilos (most Starvation), but I was able to maintain the new weight always came back to eat larger amounts and overweight also returned. With Acaiberry900 not like losing weight by fasting, but then the weight decreases gradually - that is as it should be! My sister already lost weight with this diet supplement and not returned to its old weight and I hope that for me will be the same.

Damien 40 Gloucester

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I've always been slim, until I started working in the corporation. It is known, several hours spent behind a desk, the meals eaten on the run, no time to move ... I do not know when the weight jumped to 15 kilos! At dropping her at the gym I do not have time, so for me AcaiBerry900 is actually only salvation. I still do not have time for regular, dietary meals, but taking pills from acai is not gaining weight, only gradually back to its former weight. Now I know why they say about this blueberry that this wonderful fruit :)

Amanda 29 Preston

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Together with my mother we bought to try one package AcaiBerry900 - my mother had slimmed down from 10 kilograms, while I was up from 15, have been me after pregnancy. Every morning we have our own little ritual - weigh up and compete with each other, which quickly lose weight. After four weeks, I already kicked off half of pregnancy "donuts" but my mom looks like a teenager! The best part is that to lose weight you do not need any fitness, running, exercise - I was at a small child I would not have no time. This supplement is best for which I found in terms of weight loss.

packages available

AcaiBerry900 dietary supplement containing only natural ingredients, safe for health

You can order today, without a prescription. Choose one of the available packages.



1 bottle of Acai Berry

Do you want to quickly lose weight even 10 kg, but you're not sure if you want to later continue treatment? Select the package to the test. Just a month, after which you'll regret not ordered more!


for one month of treatment (60 capsules)



3 bottles of Acai Berry

Bet on the 3-month package and save one bottle which you get for free. If you care about the long treatment, use this package as early as 3 months you'll see that it really works!


for the 3-month treatment (180 capsules)



6 bottles of Acai Berry

If you're on a fixed slimming diet use the largest packet and save three bottles that you get for free! Package enough you up for 24 weeks! Select the most cost-effective package on the market!


for the 6-month treatment (360 capsules)