Putting Up A Resto Biz

My grandfather used to say that if you are planning to put up a business, always put up one that concerns food because they never come up empty handed. And its true, people always have to eat and somebody hungry is bound to find your restaurant sooner or later. In this article, we will discuss how to put up a restaurant business.

The first thing that you have to decide on that would be crucial to your restaurant would be the target customers. Would you go for the class A or the rich and famous who do not have to worry about maintaining a job? Or maybe you want to target the class B or the middle class. Or maybe you want to target the class D or the blue-collar types.

Once you have decided your target population, you could now find a suitable site or location for your restaurant. Of course, it is suitable to locate your restaurant at the business section of the city or town you are in. If you are targeting the class B to class C, then its suitable if your location is accessible from the street. It should be somewhere between a bus or subway station and a business district. Somewhere there is pedestrian traffic so that your restaurant sign would serve as subliminal advertisement for people passing by it.

Once you have found a suitable location, let an architect or an interior designer draw up plans for the place. They would know how to arrange the components so that the orientation is satisfactory. You are going to need dining furniture. Not the type for residential dining rooms but tables and chairs, usually seating four. You can also go for the cubicle type seating wherein back-to-back seats are interspersed with tables. There is also a circular arrangement for cubicle seating.

The lighting is very important since it helps to create ambiance. Dramatic lighting can be achieved with spot lights and other mood lighting. An over-all theme should be created that will be consistent in every aspect of the restaurant. For example, you choose to utilize a minimalistic Zen design. The colors chosen would be black and white with accents of red. The tables and chairs should be colored black and white alternately then maybe some sort of red cloth would be placed on the table-tops to achieve that red accent. That would also follow with the napkins, alternate black and white with red trim and so on and so forth.