Secrets to Premium Grilled Food

Despite the rapid upsurge of restaurants that serve grilled food in the metropolis and different provinces, Congo Grille remains to be one of the favorites of families and office yuppies since it holds the secret to premium grilled food. From a typical Filipino restaurant seven years ago, Congo Grille has gone global in terms of the food it serves which its loyal patrons would describe as first-rate, generous and affordable. “Compared to other grilling resto, we make it a point to add a premium on every serving. We serve the biggest portion of crispy pata and inihaw na pusit. You pay the same price but get a bigger portion or serving of the food that you order for,” explains Dex Frayco, kitchen operations manager of Congo Grille.

Each of the 240 items listed on Congo’s menu, most of which came from the customers, is guaranteed to satisfy three to four persons who need not worry about forking out big bucks.

“We have a ‘customer comment card’ which customers fill up whenever they dine at Congo. We consolidate their suggestions in our monthly meeting then we study whatever is predominant and improve that,” adds Frayco. Because of constant and tireless monitorship of what Congo’s customers want, Frayco and everybody else running Congo Grille discovered that people can’t get enough of their sizzling delights such as Pork Sisig which is priced at P160, Baked New Zealand Mussels cooked in cheese, garlic butter and Rockefeller Sauce (P260), and Congo Rice topped with calamares, spring onions, dried ginger and rye (P160). Other Congo favorites are Tex Mex Nachos, Crispy Pata and Grilled Pusit.

“Our Crispy Pata is good for five persons because it’s really big. We’ve got a lot of suppliers for pata because it’s hard to source out pata that weighs 60 kilos. That’s why we get our supply of pata from as far as Laguna,” reveals Frayco, adding that they go out of their way to please their customers because Congo Grille wants to live up to the special trait of a silverback gorilla.

“You’ve noticed that our restaurant is represented by a silverback gorilla and that is so because if you research on it, you’ll realize that this type of creature is the most caring and playful to its young. This is the image that our restaurant exudes because our standard of taste is always based on our customers’ preference,” he explained.

Aside from putting utmost importance on what its customers want, Congo Grille’s other secret to its continuing success is the pair of expert hands working in the kitchen. Congo’s Executive Chef Reynaldo Natividad’s passion for Spanish and Western cuisine contributed a lot to Congo’s speedy progress in the grilling industry. “Since our vision is to go global and we’ve made the first step in our kitchen, preparations are now being made for our first branch abroad. We’re planning to put up a branch in the US,” concludes Frayco. Congo Grille currently has 10 branches located in Ortigas, Quezon City, Makati City, Alabang, SM Fairview, SM San Lazaro, SM Valenzuela, SM Sta. Rosa, SM Clark and SM Mall of Asia.