Modern Prairie Style Home: A Contemporary Twist On Traditional Design

Saddle Up for a Fresh Take on Prairie Style Homes

When you think of a prairie style home, images of wide-open spaces, sprawling ranches, and rustic charm may come to mind. This architectural style, popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright, is rooted in the simplicity of the American Midwest and is characterized by low-pitched roofs, horizontal lines, and natural materials.

However, like any design trend, prairie style homes have evolved over time, and today, we’re seeing a fresh take on this traditional style with a contemporary twist. With the rise of Modern Prairie Style Homes, homeowners are embracing the simplicity and functionality of the prairie style while infusing it with modern design elements.

One of the key elements of modern prairie style homes is the use of clean lines and geometric shapes. While traditional prairie style homes feature low-pitched roofs and horizontal lines, modern prairie style homes often feature flat or shed roofs and rectangular or square shapes. This lends a more contemporary feel to the design, while still maintaining the simplicity of the prairie style.

A modern prairie style home offers a peaceful family retreat in

Another hallmark of modern prairie style homes is their use of natural materials. From stone and wood to brick and metal, these homes embrace the raw beauty of the materials used in their construction. This not only gives the homes a warm and inviting feel, but it also allows them to blend seamlessly into their natural surroundings.

In addition to their modern design elements, modern prairie style homes also prioritize functionality and efficiency. With open floor plans and ample natural light, these homes are designed to be both beautiful and practical. They often feature large windows that let in plenty of natural light, as well as high ceilings that create a sense of spaciousness.

One of the biggest advantages of modern prairie style homes is their versatility. They can be designed to fit a variety of lifestyles and preferences, from cozy bungalows to sprawling estates. Whether you’re looking for a small, energy-efficient home or a larger, more luxurious abode, there’s a modern prairie style home that’s perfect for you.

So, whether you’re a fan of traditional prairie style homes or you’re looking for a fresh, contemporary twist on this classic design trend, modern prairie style homes are a great option. With their clean lines, natural materials, and focus on functionality, these homes are the perfect blend of form and function. So saddle up and get ready to embrace the beauty and simplicity of modern prairie style homes!

Contemporary Chic Meets Rustic Charm

Riverside  Modern Prairie House Plan by Mark Stewart Home Design

The Modern Prairie Style Home is a beautiful blend of contemporary design and rustic charm. This style of home takes inspiration from traditional prairie homes, but adds a contemporary twist to create a fresh and modern look.

Gone are the days of boring and predictable home designs. The Modern Prairie Style Home takes traditional elements, such as horizontal lines and a low-pitched roof, and adds contemporary elements like large windows and sleek finishes to create a stunning design that is both functional and beautiful.

The Modern Prairie Style Home is all about creating a sense of space and openness. Large windows and an open floor plan bring the outdoors in, making the home feel bright and airy. This style of home is perfect for those who love to entertain, as the open layout allows for easy flow between rooms and plenty of space for guests.

The interior of the Modern Prairie Style Home is just as stunning as the exterior. The use of natural materials, such as wood and stone, give the home a warm and inviting feel. The combination of rustic and modern elements creates a unique and visually stunning design that is both functional and beautiful.

Plan MAT: Exclusive Modern Prairie House Plan with Optional Lower  Level

One of the key features of the Modern Prairie Style Home is the use of clean lines and simple shapes. The combination of straight lines and angular shapes creates a sleek and modern look that is both elegant and minimalist. This style of home is perfect for those who love a clean and uncluttered look, as it allows for plenty of open space and minimal decoration.

Another key feature of the Modern Prairie Style Home is the use of natural light. Large windows and skylights allow for plenty of natural light to flood the interior of the home, creating a bright and inviting space. This style of home is perfect for those who love to be surrounded by nature, as the use of natural light and materials creates a sense of harmony with the outdoors.

When it comes to decorating a Modern Prairie Style Home, the key is to keep it simple and elegant. The use of neutral colors, such as beige and white, allows the natural materials to take center stage. The addition of a few key pieces, such as a statement light fixture or a bold piece of art, can add a pop of color and personality to the space.

In conclusion, the Modern Prairie Style Home is a beautiful and functional design that is perfect for those who love a blend of contemporary and rustic elements. The use of natural materials, clean lines, and natural light create a sense of harmony and openness that is both beautiful and inviting. Whether you are looking to build a new home or renovate your existing space, the Modern Prairie Style Home is a design trend that should not be overlooked.

From Farmhouse to Fabulous: A Modern Makeover

Taliesen – Best Selling Modern Prairie Style House plan with  car garage

Prairie style homes have always been known for their traditional and rustic charm. These homes were once popular in the early 1900s when farming was at its peak. However, with the modernization of the world, traditional homes also have to evolve with time. This is where Modern Prairie Style Homes come into the picture. They are a contemporary twist on traditional design, and they’re gaining popularity among homeowners who want a fresh and modern look for their homes.

If you’re someone who loves the idea of a traditional prairie style home but wants it to have a modern touch, then you’re in luck. Transforming a traditional farmhouse into a modern prairie style home is easier than you might think. Here are some tips on how to achieve the perfect modern makeover for your traditional farmhouse:

1. Update your exterior:

The first thing you need to do is update your exterior. A modern prairie style home should have a sleek and clean exterior. This means that you need to get rid of any unnecessary clutter and embrace a minimalistic approach. Replace your old wooden shingles with a more modern material such as metal or cement board. Add a few modern fixtures such as a sleek mailbox or contemporary light fixtures to give your exterior a modern twist.

Prairie House Plans & Floor Plans  Modern Prairie Style Home

2. Go for a monochromatic color scheme:

A modern prairie style home should have a simple and clean color scheme. Opt for a monochromatic color scheme that includes shades of white, gray, and black. This will give your home a sleek and modern look.

3. Add modern elements to your interior:

The interior of your home is just as important as the exterior. To achieve a modern prairie style look, you need to add modern elements to your interior. This includes modern furniture, contemporary light fixtures, and sleek accessories. Combine these modern elements with traditional prairie style features such as a fireplace with a stone surround or wooden beams.

4. Embrace natural light:

Natural light is essential in a modern prairie style home. It helps to create an open and airy feel, which is perfect for this style of home. Make sure you have plenty of windows that let in natural light. You can also add skylights to your home to bring in even more light.

5. Add a touch of nature:

Prairie style homes were built in the heart of nature, and it’s important to bring that natural element indoors. You can do this by adding plants and greenery to your home. This will help to create a calming and peaceful environment.

In conclusion, transforming your traditional farmhouse into a modern prairie style home is not as difficult as it seems. By following the tips above, you can achieve the perfect modern makeover for your home. A modern prairie style home is a contemporary twist on traditional design, and it’s a great way to combine the old with the new. So, saddle up and get ready to give your traditional farmhouse a fabulous modern makeover.

Hitch Your Wagon to This Design Trend

The Prairie Style home has been a beloved design trend for years, and it’s no surprise why. The clean lines, low-pitched roofs, and open floor plans create a warm and inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for modern living. But, have you ever considered adding a contemporary twist to this traditional design? If you haven’t yet, it’s time to hitch your wagon to this design trend.

One way to give your Prairie Style home a contemporary twist is by incorporating modern materials. Instead of the traditional wood siding, try using metal, concrete, or stucco. These materials will add a sleek and contemporary feel to your home, while still keeping the Prairie Style charm.

Another way to add contemporary elements to your Prairie Style home is by playing with color. Traditionally, Prairie Style homes are painted in warm, earthy tones. However, by adding a pop of color or a bold accent wall, you can take your Prairie Style home to a whole new level. Consider using bright blues, greens, or yellows to give your home a modern flair.

Lighting is also a key element in Modern Prairie Style Homes. Large windows and skylights are essential to bring in natural light, but don’t stop there. Incorporate contemporary light fixtures, such as pendant lights or industrial-style lamps, to add a modern touch to your home.

Furniture and decor are also important when adding a contemporary twist to your Prairie Style home. Choose furniture with clean lines and simple designs, and incorporate modern elements like metal or glass. When it comes to decor, opt for minimalist pieces that still complement the overall Prairie Style aesthetic.

One way to tie everything together is by adding outdoor living spaces to your Prairie Style home. A contemporary patio or deck can be the perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, while still maintaining the integrity of your home’s design. Consider using contemporary materials like concrete or metal to create a sleek and modern outdoor space.

In summary, adding a contemporary twist to your Prairie Style home can be a fun and rewarding design challenge. By incorporating modern materials, playing with color, choosing the right lighting, furniture, and decor, and adding outdoor living spaces, you can create a modern Prairie Style home that’s both chic and charming. So, hitch your wagon to this design trend and get ready to create a home that’s truly unique and modern.

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